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District 10, the charm amidst the glitz and glamour.

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

I spent a couple of years of my childhood (more than 35 years ago) living with my grandparents when Kheam Hock Road was still a village before all the fancy private housing took its place. So with that fond memories, I can proudly say that I once lived in District 10 for a period, a very short one, of my life.

The nature of District 10 did not change much since—it is still a desirable zip code in Singapore from then till now. Home to high-end properties where the crème de la crop resides.

Based on URA's planning, District 10 is considered the Core Central Region (CCR), and being part of the Central Region, the government and the real estate market will have all their eyes and interest on it.

Developments in recent years and property trends have made it more appealing to many home buyers who are aspired to own a piece of heaven here.

1. The Circle Line (CCL, Orange) and the Downtown Line (DTL, Blue)

The 4th and 5th MRT line are the game-changer to the public transport network as they now reaches out to residential areas along Holland Road and the entire stretch of Bukit Timah. Starting from Newton right up to King Albert Park Station with 2 interchanges in-between— Newton for the North-South Line and Botanic Gardens for the Circle Line that goes to Farrer and Holland Village.

There will, of course, be assumptions that residents of the Beverly Hills in Singapore do not need public transport. However, I will also assume that this well-heeled bunch is into property investment. Therefore, having a property close to an MRT station will be a prospective tenant magnet and generally see a boost in capital gains over the years.

Highlighting the mentioned stations but you can see in the bigger scheme of things, how the Downtown and Circle Line will connect to many interchanges to switch to other lines. The potential tenant pool will very much appreciate this connectivity.

2. An education belt

Some of Singapore's more prestigious institutions are here—Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), Singapore Chinese Girls' School, Hwa Chong Institution, National Junior College and Nanyang Girls' High School.

"The findings of our study confirm that homes located within a 2km radius of popular primary schools command large price premiums."

Uniquely Singapore, parents will move to get their children into popular schools, which puts upward pressure on property prices. As a result, properties within the school consideration zone are highly sought after with a premium price tag.

3. Resilience in property prices

When MAS rolled out new property cooling measures in July 2018, it was apparent that property prices in the Core Central Region (CCR) remained unshaken. So it is seen in the rest of 2018, the transaction volume and price well reflected the segment's resilience and appeal as prized assets in your property portfolio.

Let's take a closer look at how the market responds during that period from April–December 2018. Transaction volume and pricing of District 10 in comparison to other popular districts like District 3 (RCR) and District 19 (OCR).

Data source: URA, Square Foot

In a broader spectrum, this is a 10-year trend:

4. A charm to nature lovers

There are vast pockets of greenery and community spaces that residents get to enjoy and Bukit Timah Reserve is where many go to see Singapore's colourful flora and fauna.

In URA Master Plan 2019, Bukit Timah will play a big part in the Rail Corridor. The Bukit Timah-Rochor Green Corridor will connect the Rail Corridor, a 24km continuous green stretch linking the north to the south (Woodlands to Tanjong Pagar). The historic Bukit Timah Railway Station will undergo conservation and be a prominent highlight of the Rail Corridor.

5.Freehold wonderland

"Our favourite holding period is forever."

~Warren Buffett

Freehold vs leasehold. There will always be 2 camps for this, and I will save this discussion for another post.

A good 95% of District 10 is freehold, making this neighbourhood forever attractive to home-buyers of the freehold camp. Due to the low plot ratio, there are limited opportunities for en blocs, and a majority of the developments are low-rise, so there will always be demand with limited supply.

If you have always been aspired to live a life here, you will be happy to know that there are now a few 99-year leasehold developments with prices more palatable to enter this affluent neighbourhood.

Fourth Avenue Residences (TOP 2022, 99-years leasehold)

You get direct access to Sixth Avenue MRT Station via a covered linkway—rain or shine, it can't get any better than this. Right in the heart of the renowned education belt—Hwa Chong institution (0.6km), National Junior College (0.7km), Raffles Girls' Primary School (1.1km), Nanyang Primary School (1.5km), and the list goes on. WhatsApp me for the latest pricing or a visit to the show flat.

And for high-rise living lovers, there is going to be a rare one coming soon. In place of the former City Towers—a high profile en-bloc, two signature towers in champagne gold will join District 10 in style.

Perfect Ten (Freehold)

If Sir Li Ka-Shing sets his eyes on it, you would want a piece of it. Perfect Ten—by the developer unit linked to the Hong Kong tycoon, has built some of the most impressive skyscrapers in the Marina Bay area in Singapore, so expect nothing subtle than class and glamour.

6. A chance to rub shoulders with James Dyson

Or other distinguished profiles of Singapore—local celebrities, international movie stars, government officials, CEOs, and the billionaires. The Dyson founder made headlines when he bought his second home overlooking the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 2019 (3 weeks after purchasing the Guoco Tower super penthouse).

Ian Ang (Cofounder of Secretlab), became the most newly minted citizen of District 10 just a few days ago with his penthouse purchase in Leedon Residence (on top of his GCB acquisition in District 11).

You can expect to see impressive architectures here—homes or family homes (GCB–Good Class Bungalows) to the most influential people. Many recognised architects, international or local, have a piece of their work here in District 10 too.

The multi-generation home of entrepreneur Lim Hock Leng (Co-founder of Sheng Siong).

Photo Source: Ta.Le Architects

D'Leedon by the iconic Queen of Curves, the late Zaha Hadid.

Photo Source: Zaha Hadid Architects

Being a #iamanarchitourist, I can't be more proud to see a piece of Zaha right here in Singapore. This was her first high-rise private residential project and such a privilege that it happened here in Singapore.

There is so much to love about this neighbourhood, whether or not you live here. Bask in the exclusive lifestyle in all the enclaves filled with modern F&B options or charming old school love (Lana Cake!!). Explore and trek out the green lungs of Singapore. Certainly an excellent destination for #iamanarchitourist like me, just fascinated by the architectural and spatial design of private abodes.

See you in District 10 super soon.


Want to know about the upcoming new launch and best home buys currently available in District 10? Or just have a chat to find out about your current properties and portfolio? I am all ready to provide you with convenience and clarity towards making a well-informed property decision. Data driven. Pure facts. No hype.

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Move to what moves you and be enabled to live your aspirations. See you soon!


Chris is a real estate associate with OrangeTee & Tie and is an avid #iamanarchitourist who appreciates not just the beauty of architectural and spatial design, but the monetary value of owning a piece of it in realty.

Inspired to empower her clients to live who they are, she actively applies the Property Wealth Planning (PWP)™ methodology that has creatively expanded many of their real estate portfolios.

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