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It is always a pleasure to meet wonderful clients and a blessing when a working relationship becomes a friendship over the years. Thankful for everyone whom I have met and all the opportunities that you have open up for me.It has been my great pleasure to be part of your property portfolio management, home buying and selling journey and just looking into the Singapore real estate market with you.  #myheartisfull

Miss Amy Lim

Chris assisted in my very 1st home purchase a few years ago and she basically held my hand through the whole process and made it as stress-free for me as possible. 

Fast forward 6 years later to now, and after deciding that I wanted to make my next move, it was a no-brainer for me to look for Chris again as I remembered her excellent service. She patiently went through all options with me and explained things in a way that even a layman like me in property matters found it not too difficult to understand. She is never pushy in her recommendations but instead is able to give a clear analysis for me to make all my decisions. I was able to successfully sell my 1st property and then make my 2nd purchase!

I definitely give my recommendation freely to anyone looking for a friendly and sincere professional for their housing needs!

Miss Sandra Loo

I have been toying with the idea of just getting a resale HDB flat as my first home and have never never thought that a private condo is actually attainable till I met Chris. She made my first property purchase as easy as ABC!


She has been a light in the darkness, walking me through the entire process which made it easy because I have never bought a property before. 


She was patient, efficient, professional and went out of her way and beyond. She has the integrity and knowledge that I appreciate, and she is not afraid to be direct and tell me what’s what.

If I ever need an agent in that area again, it will definitely be Chris.


Thanks again, Chris! It has been enjoyable working with you.

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